Pupkewitz Megatech


Ligting Ranges

Our lighting department is run by a team of qualified professionals, constantly looking to improve our lights and lamps offering in terms of value for money; global trends; technology and a sound function-meets-form balance. Our suppliers are the international industry leaders and together, we ensure quality and accuracy for your lighting installation.


Lighting for your office or retail space - taking into consideration size, ceiling height, layout and function - it's well within our ability to provide the appropriate solution. We utilize the latest, up-to-date technology and lighting layout software, with which to address your requirements. Once your lighting is installed, we will partner with you for the consumables you require for maintenance on conventional fittings.


Our dynamic lighting sales team keeps a close eye on what is trending to ensure we stock the most recent and unique designer light fittings, at the best prices in Namibia. We endeavor to assist you with design-minded solutions to suit your lighting requirements, so the result is beyond sufficient, yet not lacking or overcompensating lighting levels.



In the industrial environment, the correct lighting applications are critical to enable you and your staff to be at your most productive, comfortable and safe. Whether you are in a warehouse, factory or workshop, we can assist with the lighting design, supply of the correct light fittings to meet your unique requirements and assist with specialised advice.

Area Lighting

Sports fields, showgrounds and open areas require good quality lighting to ensure that you, your team, the crowd or your clients can follow the action, view your products or safely protect your investment. We access the latest lighting layout technology and offer customized, low-consumption / high output solutions. Specific needs can be discussed and specialized light fittings ordered to suit specific requirements.

Street Lighting

Street lighting provides security at night and is critical for the safety of road users. We specialize in the procurement and supply of cutting edge street lighting. This includes latest teschnology LED and Solar fittings, wooden and galvanised steel poles, scissor masts and corrosion resistant posts. We also provide light fittings from conventional HPS and HID fittings to low voltage LED and solar-powered LED fittings. We ensure availability of all replacement lamps and LED modules.

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